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The Weinstein "defense"

For the last week, Hollywood has come forth with countless “reactions” to the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal.  At first, it was heartening to hear that someone who was abusing his position of power was finally being stopped.  However, the excess of righteous indignation has revealed a bigger problem.

Weinstein has blamed the era in which he went into business (70’s – 80’s) for his actions.  I blame Hollywood as a whole.  Weinstein was a spoiled child who was so used to getting away with bad behaviour that he no longer knew where the line was or at what point it was crossed.  But his colleagues in the industry helped.

When the news broke, some like director Oliver Stone defended Weinstein.  He only changed his tune after multiple women came out with similar stories.

Of course, those others were household names like Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, and Gwyneth Paltrow.  However, they only came forward after others had put their necks on the chopping block.  Someone had to risk her career and reputation by being the first and only.  And it wasn’t one of them.

According to actress Blake Lively, “It’s important that we don’t stand for this.”  Oh, but you did, milady.  For years.  As did many others.

Colin Firth was approached by an actress regarding Weinstein.  He admittedly did nothing.

Actress and so-called model feminist, Jane Fonda, knew of another incident and chose to stay silent.  She said she didn’t think it was her place to speak out for another actress.

Glenn Close is saddened that the “rumours” she’d often heard were true.  How sad that she’s saddened.

George Clooney knew Weinstein was “a dog” and he “hit on young girls” but didn’t realize how bad it was.  So a powerful man is hitting on young girls in the industry and you think they feel they have a choice?  Apparently, the subject matter makes men stupid.

Matt Damon claims he “would have stopped it” had he known.  The same man who gave him his big break and produced half a dozen more movies with him?  Sure you would have.  Matt, actors come and go, but big-name producers with the money to make a career are a rarer breed of dog.

Of course, after these incidents, the actresses continued their professional relationship with Weinstein.  They had little choice.  And as part of the Hollywood marketing machine, they often posed with him, hugging and smiling for the cameras for years to come.

So you can see how a socially-stunted man-child could fail to see a problem here.  Especially when others in his realm – like Amazon studio head, Roy Price – are also on the sexual harassment train.

Hollywood is a fantasy world where sex is a staple for every TV show and movie.  Fashion reveals everything and music celebrates sexual freedom.

Is it any wonder that a Jabba-the-Hutt clone who married a gorgeous younger woman got confused about what he could expect from the real world?  Weinstein’s guilty, no doubt.  But there are other villains in this story that are getting off scott-free.

And with them still in the picture, this movie plot-line is never going to change.

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