Luisa Alvarez, Reporter & Weekend Anchor

Luisa was born in Bogota, Colombia, the youngest of three sisters and moved to Canada at six years of age. She studied Broadcast and Online Journalism at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, but chose television because of the visual element involved in telling a story. Says Alvarez, “The work that goes into putting together a story for TV is a lot more time consuming and intricate than putting stories together for radio or web. Seeing the finished product that you've shot and edited is an extremely satisfying feeling.”

It’s no surprise Luisa was drawn to journalism.  She tends to ask A LOT of questions.  She says, “I am extremely fortunate and thankful to be able to say Thunder Bay is where I am beginning my career. I’ve loved every second of it and have already learned so much!”

Despite just starting out, Luisa has won two RTDNA awards for her work on the radio Documentary “The DJ Woman” along with CBC's Mazurin Award. In her last year at BCIT, she also won a Jack Webster Student Journalism Award. But her biggest career highlight so far is just being here and getting her chance to show Thunder Bay what she’s made of both as a reporter and weekend anchor.  She loves that her job allows her to meet different people each day and really get to know the community. Every day is different, and definitely never boring.

Luisa recently adopted a cat named Archibald who has become her de facto son. You might see them together walking at Marina park one evening.  Possibly in high heels.  Yes, that’s her other great love and she has a hefty collection, claiming she could run a marathon in heels.  Despite moving to Thunder Bay, she still proudly cheers for her original home team, the Vancouver Canucks – which keeps things interesting in the news room.

You can catch Luisa reporting weeknights during the TBT News Hour and on the anchor desk on weekends.

Favourite quote:
Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind.” –Dr. Seuss

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