Molly Frommer, Reporter

Molly Frommer loves to travel and see new places so she was thrilled about her move to Thunder Bay in November, 2016. Molly hails from Southern Ontario, where she grew up in a tight knit family as the youngest of four children. Molly attended Fanshawe College in London, Ontario where she obtained a diploma in Journalism as well as in Broadcasting Television.

After finishing school, Molly decided to travel for a couple years and scratch off some things on her bucket list. An adventurous spirit, she visited Whistler, BC., Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.  But the world was calling, so headed to Florida, Las Vegas, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic and even crossed the pond to France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Iceland, and China.

And during her travels in 2015, Molly ran a half marathon through three European countries. The world is a beautiful big place and Molly believes in living life to its fullest.

These days, Molly likes to go for hikes with her newly adopted dog, shop, and travel. If you see Molly out and about, please stop and introduce yourself. Molly believes everyone has an interesting story to tell.

You can catch Molly reporting weeknights during the TBT News.

Favourite quote: "Find a job you'll love and you'll never work a day in your life."

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