Jason Gaidola, Reporter & Weekend Anchor

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Jason moved to Ancaster as a young adult. Surprisingly, television was not his initial goal. He attended Mohawk College for Business Accounting before pursuing a degree in Accounting at Brock University. However, halfway through he picked up and moved to Toronto to restart his life.  “That is where I found my passion to get into broadcasting, specifically sports broadcasting. … It was something I wanted to get into since high school, but decided to try something conventional, which was an experience I do not regret. However, television is my passion.”

He enrolled in the College of Sports Media and went on to an internship at Rogers Sportsnet, where he was an Associate Producer for The Fan 590. There, he ran highlights for Hockey Central at Noon and Primetime Sports with Bob McCown.

A call from TBT news soon had him packing his gear once again to move to Thunder Bay. According to Jason, he gets a kick out of telling stories, uncovering truths and entertaining. Plus, there’s the added bonus of adding his own artistic touch, working with new stories every day, and seeing all kinds of personalities come to life.

When he’s not working, Jason loves to attend our live events, concerts and festivals. And since he’s played sports most of his life, he’s a huge fan of soccer, football, and basketball.  He has an unusual affiliation with every Pittsburgh sports team and a dedication to the CFL’s Ti-Cats. Not to mention the occasional fantasy sports league.

However, this recent transplant is currently missing his furry daughter Pearl, a Bugg (Pug/Boston Terrier) who is in the custody of Jason’s significant other. So if you run into him and notice his wistful glances at your pup, show him some generosity and offer him a hound-hug.

You can catch Jason each night reporting for the TBT News Hour and anchoring our TBT News: Late Edition.

Favourite Quote:  "A tree is known by its fruit" - Old African proverb, meaning the success is only shown by what you do/by your deeds.

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