TBT News: Late Edition

A recap of the top stories of the day with Holly Alexandruk. Randy Scheffee has the sports from the local teams to the big leagues. Plus, we’ve got your local weather forecast, regional and national conditions, and your community interview.

Headline News

Don’t have time for our full news cast? Check in on the national and international news of the day in this half hour program that highlights the top headlines you can’t do without.

Thunder Bay Week in Review

Missed our news cast this week? Don’t worry. Our Week in Review will get you caught up on our top stories and interesting events from the area. It’s your second look at the stories that matter to you.

Saturday Evening News

An evening recap of the weekend’s local events and national stories.All the news from the local teams to the big leagues. Plus, check out your local weather forecast along with regional and national conditions.

Northwest Newsweek

Jon Thompson, your travelling reporter, has logged thousands of kilometres visiting towns and speaking to residents to bring you their stories, as they deal with the unique challenges and changes of living in Northwestern Ontario. Northwest Newsweek airs weekly at 6pm and 11pm on Sundays.

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