Rookie Blue

Last season the officers at 15 Division unearthed their sins of the past - dug through it, aired it out, and paved the way to move forward. They have all grown and are more resilient than ever. This season, they will have to learn to embrace living in the gray areas, because life is complicated and the best laid plans are just that. But sometimes it's the unpredictable things life throws our way that turn out to be exactly what we need.

Saturday May 25 th @ 8:00 PM - ep 6066 (Uprising)
While Andy, Juliet, Nick and Gail are at a women's correctional facility, a riot erupts.

Saturday June 1 st @ 8:00 PM - ep 6067 (Letting Go)
Nick receives new information on his tragic past, and goes off the grid to track someone down.
There is a temporary problem retrieving the weather.