The Simpsons

The Simpsons - the longest-running comedy in television history - is a cultural institution. Intelligently written, subversively humorous and delightfully witty, The Simpsons continues to poke fun at itself and everything in its wake.

Saturday October 4 th @ 1:30 PM - Homer the Great
Homer becomes a member of a mysterious organization called the Stonecutters and is heralded as "the chosen one."

Saturday October 4 th @ 2:00 PM - And Maggie Makes Three
The family gathers together as Homer tells the story of why there are no pictures of Maggie in the house.

Sunday October 5 th @ 2:00 PM - Homie the Clown
After spotting a billboard for clown college, Homer cannot resist and upon becoming an official Krusty the Clown impersonator Homer runs into some trouble with the mob.

Sunday October 5 th @ 3:00 PM - Homer vs. Patty and Selma
Desperate for money, Homer takes a loan from Patty and Selma. Meanwhile, Bart discovers a natural talent for ballet.

Sunday October 5 th @ 3:30 PM - A Star is Burns
Marge comes up with a plan to increase Springfield's popularity. Guest voice: Jon Lovitz.

Sunday October 5 th @ 10:00 PM - The Wreck of the Relationship
Bart's disrespectful behavior leads Marge to book him and Homer for a conflict-resolution cruise on the Relation Ship, and while Homer's away, Marge takes charge of his fantasy-football team, with surprising results.

Saturday October 11 th @ 1:00 PM - Lisa's Wedding
A fortune teller gives Lisa a look at her wedding in the year 2010.

Saturday October 11 th @ 1:30 PM - Two Dozen and One Greyhounds
The family notices that Santa's Little Helper has been destroying the house. He soon runs away and goes back to the dog track from which he came. He finds another greyhound there and humps her in front of everyone. The family decides to bring her home. The two dogs quickly fall in love. Santa's Little Helper's bitch has 25 puppies, but 25 puppies are too much for the Simpson family. They spoil an important dinner party. The family decides to give them away, but Mr. Burns dognaps them. They wonder what he could possibly want with them. Bart and Lisa go to spy on him and see what he is doing. He plans to kill them and make them into a greyhound skin tuxedo. They try to save the puppies, but Mr. Burns catches them before they escape. Mr. Burns has one of his characteristic changes of heart and decides not to kill them. He keeps all the puppies which grow to become successful racing dogs, making him even richer.
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