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The Simpsons

The Simpsons - the longest-running comedy in television history - is a cultural institution. Intelligently written, subversively humorous and delightfully witty, The Simpsons continues to poke fun at itself and everything in its wake.

Saturday October 25 th @ 1:30 PM - Treehouse of Horror VIII
Homer battles mutants in ``The Homega Man''; Bart morphs into an insect in ``Fly vs. Fly''; a bewitching Marge appears in ``Easy-Bake Coven.''.

Saturday October 25 th @ 2:00 PM - Treehouse of Horror IX
After Snake is sent to the electric chair, his organs are donated and his hair goes to Homer where it begins exacting the revenge promised by its former owner; Bart replaces the batteries in the TV remote with plutonium with strange results; when Maggie begins to physically change, the question of her parentage comes to light on The Jerry Springer Show.

Saturday October 25 th @ 3:00 PM - Treehouse of Horror XI
Satan kicks Homer out of hell; dolphins take over Springfield; the Simpsons discover the dark side of fairy tales.

Saturday October 25 th @ 3:30 PM - Treehouse of Horror XII
Marge orders a futuristic home; a tarot-reading Gypsy curses Homer; Bart and Lisa attend a school of magic.

Saturday October 25 th @ 4:00 PM - Treehouse of Horror XIII
Marge orders a futuristic home; a tarot-reading Gypsy curses Homer; Bart and Lisa attend a school of magic.

Saturday October 25 th @ 4:30 PM - Treehouse of Horror XIV
In "Reaper Madness", Homer kills the Grim Reaper to protect Bart, but becomes the new Grim Reaper himself. In "Frinkenstein", Professor Frink tries to revive his dead father so he can see his son winning the Nobel Prize. The last story is "Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off", in which Bart and Milhouse finds a stopwatch which can stop time, but soon the whole city is chasing them.

Saturday October 25 th @ 5:00 PM - Treehouse of Horror XV
In "The Ned Zone," Ned gets the ability to tell people's deaths just by touching someone. In "In the Belly of the Boss," Mr. Burns accidentally swallows Maggie and the Simpsons try to get her out. In "Four Beheadings and a Funeral," Lisa and Bart try to solve the mystery of the mutton-chops murderer.

Sunday October 26 th @ 2:00 PM - Treehouse of Horror XVI
Bart falls into a coma after trying to jump into the swimming pool; Homer and several others are unwilling contestants on "The World Series of Manslaughter"; after she loses a Halloween costume contest, a witch turns the townspeople into their Halloween costumes.

Sunday October 26 th @ 3:00 PM - Treehouse of Horror XVIII
The eighteenth Simpsons Halloween Special features parodies of the movies "E.T." and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

Sunday October 26 th @ 3:30 PM - Treehouse of Horror XIX
The Simpsons' 19th Halloween Special, with parodies of "Transformers," "Mad Men," and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

Sunday October 26 th @ 4:00 PM - Treehouse of Horror XX
Homer and Marge throw a Halloween party, and real monsters show up to it; Lisa asks Bart to help her prank her teachers after another student is chosen for a spelling bee, but Bart's meaning of prank is different...; Krusty's new burger makes the citizens of Springfield turn into zombies.

Sunday October 26 th @ 4:30 PM - Treehouse of Horror XXI
War and Pieces: Bart and Milhouse must battle board games that come to life. Master and Cadaver: Marge and Homer charter a boat for their second honeymoon, but an unexpected passenger may kill more than the mood. tweenlight: Lisa falls for a young vampire

Sunday October 26 th @ 5:00 PM - Treehouse of Horror XXII
A boulder traps Homer's arm when he takes a drive through a canyon; a spider bite paralyzes Homer; Flanders becomes a vigilante by night; Bart and Milhouse travel to a distant planet to obtain an extract.

Sunday October 26 th @ 5:30 PM - Treehouse of Horror XXIII
Bart travels to 1974 to buy a comic book at cover price, but inadvertently disrupts Homer and Marge’s courtship, leading Marge to end up with Artie Ziff (guest voice Jon Lovitz).

Sunday October 26 th @ 10:00 PM - Clown in the Dumps (encore-Season Premiere)
Springfield is rocked when a resident dies; Krusty feels insulted during a comedy cable-channel roast and decides to retire; and Lisa steps in to protect Homer when she believes he's on his way to getting hurt.

Saturday November 1 st @ 1:30 PM - Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming
Terrible television programming leads Sideshow Bob to hatch a plan to cease all TV production and Bart and Lisa become hostages while trying to foil his plan

Saturday November 1 st @ 2:00 PM - Two Bad Neighbors

Sunday November 2 nd @ 2:00 PM - Team Homer
Homer convinces a light-headed Mr. Burns to give him $500 to register his bowling team in a league, but when Mr. Burns finds out what he has done he demands a spot on the team. Meanwhile, Bart influences a riot at school and as a result, everyone is forced to wear uniforms

Sunday November 2 nd @ 10:00 PM - Opposites A-Frack
Lisa brings in Assemblywoman Maxine Lombard (guest voice Fonda) to put a stop to Mr. Burns' fracking operation, but is taken aback when the two political opponents find themselves attracted to one another.
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