The Simpsons

The Simpsons - the longest-running comedy in television history - is a cultural institution. Intelligently written, subversively humorous and delightfully witty, The Simpsons continues to poke fun at itself and everything in its wake.

Saturday August 1 st @ 2:00 PM - All's Fair in Oven War
Homer buys Marge a new kitchen, and Marge likes cooking in the new kitchen so much she attends the Ovenfresh Bakeoff.

Saturday August 1 st @ 2:30 PM - Sleeping with the Enemy
Because she thinks her own children do not appreciate her anymore, Marge becomes a mother figure for Nelson.

Saturday August 1 st @ 3:00 PM - She Used to be My Girl

Sunday August 2 nd @ 2:00 PM - Fat Man and Little Boy
Bart begins designing T-shirt slogans, and his T-shirts become very popular among the citizens of Springfield.

Sunday August 2 nd @ 2:30 PM - Midnight RX

Sunday August 2 nd @ 3:00 PM - Mommy Beerest
Homer gives Moe an enormous amount of money so he doesn't have to close down.

Sunday August 2 nd @ 3:30 PM - Pranksta Rap
Bart went to a rap concert Marge told him not to go to. In order to avoid punishment from Marge, he makes Marge and Homer believe he has been kidnapped.

Sunday August 2 nd @ 10:30 PM - The Kids Are All Fight
Homer has an old roll of film developed and it exposes memories of how Lisa and Bart first started fighting with each other.
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