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The Simpsons - the longest-running comedy in television history - is a cultural institution. Intelligently written, subversively humorous and delightfully witty, The Simpsons continues to poke fun at itself and everything in its wake.

Saturday September 20 th @ 1:30 PM - Bart Gets an Elephant
Bart wins a radio contest which allows him to choose between two prizes: $10,000 or an elephant. Bart picks the elephant and names him Stampy. Homer and Marge decide to give the elephant away because he cost to much to feed, so Bart and Stampy run away together

Saturday September 20 th @ 2:00 PM - Burn's Heir
Bart gets caught vandalizing Mr. Burns' mansion, but the billionaire takes a shine to Bart's destructive side and grooms him to become his heir.

Saturday September 20 th @ 3:00 PM - The Boy Who Knew Too Much
After playing hooky from school, Bart sneaks in to Mayor Quimby's nephew Freddy's birthday party and witnesses a crime.

Sunday September 21 st @ 2:00 PM - Lady Bouvier's Lover
Abe falls in love with Marge's mother, but must compete with Mr. Burns for her heart.

Sunday September 21 st @ 3:00 PM - Bart of Darkness
It is really hot and the Simpson family does not have air conditioning. They try to live in a tent beside the refrigerator, but that does not work. Otto drives by with a traveling swimming pool. This gives Bart and Lisa the idea to hound Homer for a pool which they relentlessly do until he caves in and buys them one. All the kids in the neighborhood come by to use it. Bart tries to jump from his tree house into the pool, but winds up breaking his leg. He will have to spend the rest of the summer in a cast, so there will be no more swimming for him. He watches as Lisa becomes incredibly popular. Bart finds himself a new hobby by spying on the neighborhood with Lisa's telescope. While looking out the "Rear Window" of the house, Bart thinks he's seen Flanders commit a murder. He gets Lisa to break into Flanders' house and look for clues. He watches as Flanders returns home with an axe. He goes to help her, broken leg and all. Then Flanders tells them that Maude has been away at bible camp, but now she is back....more+

Sunday September 21 st @ 3:30 PM - Lisa's Rival
Lisa is jealous when a new girl in class is smarter than she is. Meanwhile, Homer obtains a massive amount of sugar.

Sunday September 21 st @ 7:30 PM - What to Expect When Bart's Expecting
When Bart's voodoo doll spell accidentally makes his teacher pregnant, he becomes a saviour to couples hoping to conceive.

Sunday September 21 st @ 8:00 PM - Pay Pal
Marge swears off making friends after Homer offends their new neighbors but reconsiders when Lisa decides she doesn't need friends, either.

Saturday September 27 th @ 1:00 PM - Itchy and Scratchyland
A family vacation to Itchy & Scratchy Land turns disastrous when the robots malfunction and turn on the tourists.

Saturday September 27 th @ 1:30 PM - Sideshow Bob Roberts
Sideshow Bob is released from prison, runs for mayor as a Republican, and defeats "Diamond" Joe Quimby in the election. But a "Deep-Throat"-type informant tells Bart and Lisa that he was fraudulently elected. It's up to them to find the evidence

Sunday September 28 th @ 2:00 PM - Lisa on Ice
Homer gives all his attention to Bart because he is the star of his hockey team, which makes Lisa jealous. But when a rival team discovers that she is an excellent goalie, Bart suddenly has rival for Homer's attention.

Sunday September 28 th @ 3:00 PM - Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy
Homer and Marge are having a troublesome sex life until Grampa introduces Homer to a home remedy love tonic. They soon go on the road together, trying to make some money off Grampa's potion. All the while, all the adults in Springfield are taking advantage of their new love lives, leaving the children thinking that UFO's are to blame.

Sunday September 28 th @ 3:30 PM - Fear of Flying
Marge goes into therapy to cure her of her traumatizing fear of flying.

Sunday September 28 th @ 7:30 PM - Clown in the Dumps (Season Premiere)
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