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The Simpsons - the longest-running comedy in television history - is a cultural institution. Intelligently written, subversively humorous and delightfully witty, The Simpsons continues to poke fun at itself and everything in its wake.

Saturday August 23 rd @ 1:30 PM - A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again
When Bart gets his wish for a family vacation, he becomes determined to make it last forever.

Saturday August 23 rd @ 2:00 PM - The Spy Who Learned Me
When Homer gets hurt and can't work for six weeks, he tries to learn how to be a better husband.

Sunday August 24 th @ 1:00 PM - Lisa Goes Gaga
Lisa's plan to become more popular backfires; Lisa helps Lady Gaga.

Sunday August 24 th @ 1:30 PM - Moonshine River
The family travels to New York in search of Bart's long-lost love (Zooey Deschanel).

Sunday August 24 th @ 7:00 PM - Diggs
A recent transfer student named Diggs (Daniel Radcliffe) rescues Bart from a confrontation with bullies.

Saturday August 30 th @ 1:30 PM - Adventures in Baby-Getting
Marge grows to dislike her new car because it wouldn't be big enough if they were to decide to have another baby; Bart and his friend spy on Lisa.

Saturday August 30 th @ 2:00 PM - Gone Abie Gone
Homer and Marge try to track down a missing Grampa by following clues that lead to secrets from his past; Lisa starts gambling online.

Saturday August 30 th @ 3:00 PM - A Tree Grows in Springfield
Homer's spirits are lifted when neighbour Ned Flanders discovers a miracle tree in the Simpsons' backyard with bark that spells the word "HOPE."

Saturday August 30 th @ 3:30 PM - The Day the Earth Stood Cool
To get a younger, hipper image, Homer decides to hang out with Terrence and Emily (Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein), his cool new neighbours from Portland, OR. Meanwhile, Marge grows concerned about her new neighbours' parenting methods when she meets their pretentious son (Patton Oswalt).

Saturday August 30 th @ 4:00 PM - To Cur with Love
When Homer shows no remorse over almost losing Santa's Little Helper, Grandpa tells everyone the story of Homer's childhood dog.

Saturday August 30 th @ 4:30 PM - Homer Goes to Prep School
Homer joins the "Springfield Preppers," an off-the-grid survivalist group whose leader has set up a top-secret retreat outside of town to prepare for the end of the world.

Saturday August 30 th @ 5:00 PM - A Test Before Trying
When Springfield Elementary is threatened with closure because of low standardized test scores, Bart steps in to help. Meanwhile, Homer starts deploying a parking meter around Springfield for money.

Sunday August 31 st @ 2:00 PM - Changing of the Guardian
A tornado inspires Homer and Marge to look for guardians for the kids in case something bad happens; Marge questions the motives of potential guardians.

Sunday August 31 st @ 2:30 PM - Hardly Kirk-ing
Bart and Milhouse explore the perks of adulthood following a shaving experiment; Marge tries to save Maggie from the dangers of children's TV; includes a broadcast of Oscar-nominated short film ``Maggie Simpson in: The Longest Daycare.''

Sunday August 31 st @ 7:00 PM - The War of Art
Marge and Homer buy a beautiful painting at a yard sale that turns out to be worth a lot of money.

Sunday August 31 st @ 9:30 PM - You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee
When Lisa praises Homer's integrity, he is asked to be a World Cup referee; a slick gangster tests Homer's honesty.
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