Often heart-wrenching, sometimes humorous, and always emotionally involving, the new documentary series Emergency gives viewers unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to two of Canada’s busiest hospital emergency rooms, while offering an intimate look at the lives of actual patients and medical staff who face life and death every day.

Sunday May 26 th @ 1:02 AM - ep 1003 (All in the Family)
A forklift operator faces possible amputation after a workplace injury. A young woman yawns with open-jawed results. A nurse is surprised to see her grandfather admitted to her ER.

Sunday May 26 th @ 1:32 AM - ep 1004 (Playground Hi-Jinx)
A young woman is frustrated by mysterious stomach pains. An 8-year-old’s playground hi-jinks require a trip to the ER. A diabetic man may have waited too long to get treatment for his foot.

Sunday June 2 nd @ 1:02 AM - Episode # 1005 (Oh Doctor!)
A man with shortness of breath discovers he may have a collapsed lung. After an altercation with dogs, an elderly woman needs her ankle reset.

Sunday June 2 nd @ 1:32 AM - Episode # 1006 (Injured Fiance)
A soon-to-be-wed carpenter sustains a cut that’s too close for comfort. A badminton player falls onto his hand during a match. A woman and her doctor disagree over the source of her shoulder pain.
There is a temporary problem retrieving the weather.