Leave it to Bryan

Homeowners show contractor Bryan Baeumler ("Disaster DIY") their homes and share what they want out of an upcoming renovation before turning over the keys. With the house and budget under his control, it's up to Bryan to make the final decisions and give the homeowners the renovation of their dreams, even if it's completely different than what they expected. Bryan must determine if the renovation would serve the homeowners best by fulfilling their wants or their needs, and they don't know what he's decided until they see it themselves.

Tuesday March 26 th @ 11:00 AM - Episode # 1006 (Behind Closed Walls)

Wednesday March 27 th @ 11:00 AM - Episode # 1007 (Sister Act)

Thursday March 28 th @ 11:00 AM - Episode # 1008 (Banished Bachelor)

Friday March 29 th @ 11:00 AM - Episode # 1009 (Space Wars)

Saturday March 30 th @ 2:00 PM - ep 4077 (Ramp My Style)
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