Food Truck Face Off

It’s a truck, it’s a kitchen, it’s a dream. Four teams duke it out for the ultimate prize – their very own customized food truck for ONE FULL YEAR. Hosted by Jesse Palmer, the teams pitch their food and food truck concepts to a panel of expert judges, but only two teams are chosen to face off in a curbside battle. The dream will become a reality for the team that makes the most money over two frenzied days of selling. Which one of these dreamers has what it takes? Get ready for one wild ride to find out.

Saturday January 26 th @ 10:00 AM - ep 1012 (HS-1599) (Niagara Falls Face Off)

Saturday January 26 th @ 12:00 PM - Episode # 1006 (South Pasadena Truck Off)

Saturday February 2 nd @ 10:00 AM - ep 1013 (HS-1587) (Match Up on Toronto Islands)

Saturday February 2 nd @ 12:00 PM - Episode # 1007 (Showdown on the South Congress)
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