Undercover Boss Canada

Top executives from some of Canada's biggest corporations go undercover as entry-level employees in their own companies to see the effects their decisions have on others and find the unsung heroes of their workforce.

Friday December 22 nd @ 10:00 PM - ep 1025 (Bellstar Hotels and Resorts)
Ed Romanowski, CEO of Bellstar Hotels & Resorts, checks in on the company by joining the housekeeping staff at one of the establishments.

Saturday December 23 rd @ 10:00 PM - ep 1026 (Lush Cosmetics)
Brandi Halls joins the frontlines of cosmetics giant Lush to work in disguise and find ways to improve the company.

Sunday December 24 th @ 10:00 PM - ep 1027 (Mr. Lube)
When CEO Stuart Suls works in disguise, he discovers he can't even install windshield wipers.
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