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The Emmy nomination backlash

It’s Emmy time.  An Emmy nomination from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences means your show or actor has been chosen as the best on television in a given year.

The award, one of the more aesthetically pleasing statuettes out there, is a winged woman – representing the art world’s muse – holding up an atom – representing the science of this entertainment technology.  It’s a divine little dust-catcher that captures the essence of the TV Academy’s goal to support and uplift the television industry with these honours.

It also guarantees a bigger paycheque for the recipients and greater Hollywood power for future projects for the producers, directors, and writers.  So that Emmy is a hot commodity.  But first comes the nomination.

And once again, this year, entertainment media outlets were quick to post the nominees for the various categories as soon as they were announced.  Then they posted the nominees’ reactions.  And the fans’ reactions.  And the fans’ reactions to the nominees’ reactions.

However, in a season where politics have stolen Hollywood’s spotlight, everyone is desperately trying to hold public interest.  So headlines were even quicker to feign public outrage for the numerous shows and actors who were “snubbed” by the Academy.  And in their desire to make this an actual thing, they invented a multitude of issues.

“More People of Colour Were Nominated … Than Ever Before.”  (Considering the previous white years, that’s not saying much.)

“Where are the Latinx nominees?”  (There are twenty-nine.  But who speaks Latin?)

“Twin Peaks got snubbed because the Academy doesn’t appreciate art!” (It got nine nominations for writing, directing and various technical work.  Stop whining, already.)

“What about Will & Grace?”  “What about Modern Family?”  “What about Mandy Moore?”

Well, what about them?  Each award category averages six to eight nominees.  Those are selected from all the original productions each year by all the entertainment outlets.  There are five major broadcast networks – ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and The CW.  Plus, you’ve got the cable network channels like HBO and the online streaming of Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

That makes for hundreds of shows of different formats and genres from which to choose.  Which means, mathematically, we’re pretty much guaranteed more snubs than nominees every time.  So what’s the media trying to get everyone so worked up about?

Fortunately, in this narcissistic industry that gave birth to an ever-Tweeting Celebrity-In-Chief, there are plenty of other awards to be received.  Television is honoured with a multitude of awards from viewers, writers, producers, directors, and even other actors, such that they even have their own TV season to air them all.

No, despite the media’s attempt at drama and debate over the subject, there aren’t a whole lot of people outside the industry who really care about these so-called Emmy snubs.  Viewers already know what they like and what they’ll watch and they don’t need the fake drama.

So seriously, Gretchen, stop trying to make “fetch” happen.  It’s not going to happen. 

There is a temporary problem retrieving the weather.