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Negative news that follows Trump

Trump followers have often complained that the press coverage of their Commander-in-Chief is given a negative slant regardless of his actions.  In their words, Donald Trump can’t win no matter what he does.

Even former president Jimmy Carter has said, “I think the media have been harder on Trump than any other president.”

That may be true.  The Media Research Center analyzed Trump news coverage on ABC, CBS, and NBC between June 1 and Sept 30, 2018.  It was 92 percent negative.

Well, he IS the most unpopular president in American history.  (I know, I can’t prove it. But given The Donald’s love of hyperbole, I figure I’ll be forgiven.)  Why would the press write anything positive about him or his administration?

Maybe because of the growing economy.  Unemployment is at a near record low.  Plus, the booming stock market.  The Dow has risen 20 percent since Trump took office.

With these accomplishments, you can see why his fans would be a mite peeved by a media machine that’s so focused on little things like racism, immigration bans, detained children, Russian conspiracies, and an $11 trillion deficit.  But that’s not all they covered.

Trump got glowing reviews when he arranged a nuclear disarmament summit with North Korea.  The questions only began to arise after he claimed that he didn’t have to prepare for it.  Then, no one was allowed in the meeting except the translators.  And finally, he claimed victory without any details, dates, or even a signature.

The press was quite positive when he got North Korea to release three prisoners.  However, publically thanking Kim Jong Un for his “excellent” treatment of the men during their years of incarceration did not go over well.

Reporters were happy to cover the White House ceremony honouring Navajo code talkers from WWII.  What made them un-happy was Trump’s decision to mock a senator, calling her Pocahontas during the festivities.

In July, Trump’s choice for Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanagh, was given minimal coverage until allegations came forth about the judge’s youthful indiscretions.  (What’s a little drinking and assault between friends?)

And Trump received kudos from the press when he showed respect for “credible witness” Christine Blasey Ford and her “compelling” testimony.  It only became negative when days later, he mocked her during a political rally.

So the press is willing to give Trump his due.

However, some editorials have complained that the real problem is the media’s obsession with the Russia investigation.  How are reporters supposed to make this positive?  Yes, they’re “positive” the investigation is ongoing?

This argument is like FDR complaining that the press spent six years of his presidency running stories about World War II.

So whose fault is this excessive negativity about the president?  I’m not sure there is much negativity ... in the news.  The press is presenting the facts.  It’s the public who’s not feeling all too positive about it.

But that could change.  Positivity is coming with a new TV campaign which I’ll tell you about next week.

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