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Global warming ... or just steaming mad?

With the growing fires in California, Trump recently went on the attack and blamed a lack of forest management while he pushed for more logging.  Meanwhile, those with actual experience and credentials argued that the leading cause of these fires is global warming.  In fact, temperatures in the Golden State are averaging two degrees above normal.

Global warming is a proven fact.  However, I’m starting to wonder if perhaps in North American, the rising heat isn’t just from a changing climate but from hot tempers.

Anger seems to be the new norm.  We know most dramatic stories in books, television and movies involve a conflict of some kind.  That conflict creates tension and a dramatic resolution gives the necessary release.

Comedies also love to celebrate angry characters.  From Archie Bunker in the 70’s to Al Bundy in the 90’s to more recently, Anger Management’s Charlie Goodson, enraged individuals have always given audiences some good laughs.

And it’s not just the adults in the room.  Television starts its viewers’ relationship with cranky-pants quite young.  One of Sesame Street’s most enduring characters is Oscar the Grouch.

But that’s in the imaginary world of writers.  Television is supposed to be a safe space to exercise our demons and work through our emotions.  The problem occurs when it spills over into the real world in excess.

Many Hollywood entertainers seem to be taking their cues from what works on TV.  The best way for celebrities to boost their social media followers, not to mention their bankability, appears to be to start a fight with someone.

Interchangeable rap queens Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have had an on-going “feud” that would occasionally heat up when one of them released a new song.  Recently, they had a full blown brawl at The Harper’s Bazaar Icons party that left one shoe and a wig on the floor in the wreckage.

Even the country’s most prestigious man, the President himself, has regular temper tantrums and makes threats on social media.  He yells at and insults reporters during press conferences.  That’s led to some journalists leaning a little to the left in an effort to balance out his false rhetoric.

Conspiracy theorists like the not-quite-gone and refuses-to-be-forgotten Alex Jones of the InfoWars website have made a living by getting mad.  Really mad.  In fact, Jones regularly ended his show sweating, beet red and in no further need of a cardio workout at the gym.

Tempers are getting hotter and hotter.  Forget calm discussions and factual debates on differing opinions.  Heated arguments are growing and getting out of hand.  And average citizens are now taking it further with mass shootings or by driving a vehicle into a crowd.

We live in an angry and confrontational society, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the revolutionary 1960’s.  But I fear that whether it’s on TV or in the real world, we’re not actually fighting for very much anymore.  We’re just fighting mad. 

There is a temporary problem retrieving the weather.