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A hero's fight for clarity

Once again, the Kardashian-Jenner clan recently took over social media, capturing more vapid attention for doing essentially nothing.  It began with Kris Jenner, momager extraordinaire, announcing how proud she was of her 23-year-old daughter, Kendall, for bravely sharing her personal pain with the world.  She also claimed Kendall’s upcoming story would “foster a positive dialogue.”

Given the #MeToo movement and the growing discussions around mental health and the LGBTQ community, the big reveal could have been anything.  So everyone waited with anticipation as Kendall took a deep breath, looked down, and then lifted her eyes to the camera to share her story of pain.

Of acknowledgement.

And then, of redemption.

Because Kendall Jenner had finally opened up – and more importantly, overcome – acne.  Thanks to Proactiv.

Fans were not quite as positive as Kris had suggested.  They felt bamboozled by the model.  And incredulous.

Kendall claimed that Proactiv was the product that has finally helped her.  However, as recent as six weeks ago, her personal dermatologist, who had been sharing Kendall’s customized skin care regimen in magazines for years, had touted her own product line along with some others.  Proactiv was never on the list.

Kendall even credited laser treatments with improving the condition and texture of her skin.

Does this mean that Kendall sold out to a product for money?  Well, they are the Kardashians.  The “s” in their name should actually be a dollar sign.

But that doesn’t mean her story isn’t true.

Kendall became a model in her late teens.  And while she may have quickly become the “it girl” of the runway, she also became a target.  Any woman knows that wearing heavy make-up continuously – as is the case with models working under hot lights – can lead to break-outs.  Then there’s the stress of the lifestyle, not to mention teenage hormones.

Consequently, paparazzi photos showing extreme close-ups of her pimply face appeared online on a regular basis.  And social media decided that some nasty commentary was required to round out the bullying attacks.

Of course, it’s hard to feel sorry for a girl who makes millions at 17.  But we should.  However, Kendall is now in her 20’s and mature enough to handle the public scrutiny, let alone a pimple on the red carpet.

Yet Proactiv’s VP of Creative Services called Kendall “a hero” for her braveness and “willingness to be vulnerable and raw in order to help others.”  How was she being brave?  The media made sure everyone already knew about every one of her breakouts.

And Kendall’s been fighting back against the Zit-arazzi for years with regular articles about her past breakouts and claiming that her skin has never looked better – followed by tips and treatment options.  So how is this campaign any different?

Proactiv is emotionally manipulating the media to sell zit cream.  Kendall is using what the media has repeatedly done to her to make money.

Somehow, this time, I think the Kardashian (Jenner) is the lesser of the evils.


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