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The end of the Supernatural world (as we know it)

In a time where there is no shortage of monsters and boogeymen hiding in the dark, Supernatural is calling it a day.  Currently wrapping up its 14th season, season 15 will the last for the CW’s longest-running series and the longest-running sci-fi show in television history.

For those not indoctrinated into Supernatural’s world of Sam and Dean Winchester, the brothers were raised by a single dad and monster hunter after their mother was killed by yellow-eyed demon.  Now as adults, the boys have battled every conceivable (and some inconceivable) being, starting with vampires, werewolves, witches, and periodic ghosts.

But then they got more creative and added the Ghoul, Djinn, Khan Worm, Shapeshifter, Skinwalker, Siren, Wraith, and super-evil Jefferson Starship.  Next came the unpronounceable Tzitzimimeh, Okami, Kitsune, Lamia, Pishtaco, Nachzehrer, and Rakshasa to name just a few.

These monsters were born through biting, ingestion, transfusion or just a really bad genetics lottery.  But more importantly, they were killed with silver bullets, a stake through the heart, cutting off heads and a variety of old spells and blood sacrifices that somehow these twenty-something brothers could speak.  (I have trouble asking for the bathroom in Europe but these chuckleheads can conjure a demon in a dead language.)

And thus, became the “Gospel of Sam and Dean Winchester” as written by Chuck, an earthly prophet who sold the books online and later, turned out to be God.  But despite the brothers’ best efforts, mankind was doomed and God left.

The angels were angry that humans had broken God’s heart (or proven that his experiment in free will was an abject failure) and tried to end the world.  The Four Horsemen showed up and the Darkness came (in a short skirt).  Fortunately, God returned to stop her before leaving again.  So the arch-angels continue to go unchecked, including the Devil who hooked up with a human to create a Nephilim.

And here we are.

Ironically, despite the subject matter, Supernatural has comedic moments.  Dean has been infected with a fear virus that made him scared of … everything.  He mind-melded with a dog and started retrieving items tossed into the garbage.  He was abducted by fairies, wore lederhosen, and in one episode, died over a hundred different ways.

Supernatural has iconic characters, the battle of good and evil, Sam’s flowing locks, and a ’67 Chevy Impala.  And most importantly, it’s introduced young audiences to the classic rock of Kansas. (The band, not the state.)

So now the writers have one season to wrap up a long and winding 327-episode storyline in a way that won’t disappoint fanatical viewers who have created online worlds dedicated to the Winchesters – which is not surprising since some episodes blurred the lines between fiction and reality, television and viewer.

Ironically, it was originally supposed to end after season five.  Which means the writers have had ten years to procrastinate.  So Season 15 had better be worthy of television’s most “Wayward Sons.”