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More time to give thanks

I was reminded this Thanksgiving weekend that I had a lot for which to be thankful.  I’m not talking about my family, my health or a good meal.  Although, yes, I am grateful for all of those.

I did a lot of housecleaning this weekend.  Sometimes I like to turn up the music, grab some rubber gloves and re-enact my favourite Pine-Sol commercial.  I too, like to get my groove on while I scrub he tub and mop the kitchen.

But this time, I chose some different background noise.  Being the long weekend, many TV channels had movies and TV series “marathons” on the schedule.  So I had my pick.

Yet, instead, I somehow wound up listening to a barrage of infomercials on every conceivable topic.  They sold air fryers, workout DVD’s, kitchen knives, and even dentures.  (Didn’t know the last one was even possible.)

And despite the wide ranging product lines, they all touted the same great benefit: time.

The air fryers cooked food in half the time.  The DVD’s guaranteed inches lost in less time.  The kitchen knives cut everything easier and faster.  (Even things that probably shouldn’t be.) And yes, even the new-fangled dentures were changing smiles in just one day instead of the weeks required for traditional dental plates.

Apparently, as a population, we are in desperate need of extra minutes every day.  I get it.  We’ve all got a lot to do.  It’s a constant battle to complete our daily “to do” lists before collapsing into nightly oblivion.

However, before these shows, I didn’t realize I was supposed to be making from-scratch gourmet meals or slicing through tin cans with a carving knife.  Apparently, I too should be spending hours every day cleaning, cooking and searching for the right food storage container while wiping my brow in frustration.

Fortunately, a new whole mouth cleaning system is replacing the traditional toothbrush method because we don’t have the time to brush out teeth “correctly.”  Chef Emeril Lagasse’s pushing some kind of multi-purpose toaster over because it’s imperative that we make a whole roasted chicken in 30 minutes.

So after a weekend of infomercials telling me I didn’t have time for anything – except maybe to watch another 30-minute infomercial – I realized something.

I do have the time to brush my teeth.  In fact, I enjoy the Zen of taking a solid two minutes to do so carefully and gently.  I also forego the newest products that could cut my cleaning time in half.  That way I can spend the extra minute boogie-ing while I make my bathroom spotless.

Of course, I may one day decide I need dentures in 24 hours or a vacuum that both cleans and washes my carpets at once.  And thanks to this weekend’s marathon of infomercials, I’ll save precious time finding them.

But this Thanksgiving, I gave thanks for the time I do have rather than worrying about what I can’t seem to get done.  After all, there’s always tomorrow.  Thankfully.