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A half-dressed half-time show

Dave Daubenmire, former high school football coach turned activist and podcast host now looking to increase his listening audience, has announced he’s going to sue the NFL for its recent Super Bowl half-time show.  The performance in question involved one Jennifer Lopez and one Shakira of no last name.  According to Daubenmire, “the NFL gave no warning. Here we are watching a football game, next thing you know, a porn show breaks out.”

I hate when that happens.

Except was there really “no warning”?  The NFL had been promoting its half-time show for weeks.  It’s one of the ways they justify charging $5 million for advertising time.  Who wouldn’t pay a premium to have their product placed near that booty?

And Shakira’s famous for what she can shake during her shows.  For heaven’s sake, one of her biggest English hits is about her hips.

Of course, the pole dancing portion of J-Lo’s performance was lambasted by critics who felt she was telling little girls they should aspire to be strippers.  (Funny, I did gymnastics on the bicycle bars at school as a child.  How is it I never thought to parlay that into a career?) Personally, I think J-Lo was just revamping the choreography that helped get her nominated for a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for the movie Hustlers last year.  I could be wrong.

Yes, a couple of the camera angles turned what should have been cool dance moves into somewhat uncomfortable crotch shots.  But when you perform in the round to a 360-degree audience, odd angles are going to occur.

The show was a mishmash of political statements – Puerto Rico’s flag kept popping up along with children in cages singing about making their voices heard – and cheerleader-style choreography – a nod to the fact that this was, after all, a football game.  It was a constant flurry of movement and colour and music.

Were the costumes risqué?  Yes – in that they gave the impression of a lot a skin despite being full bodysuits.  At 50, Lopez isn’t going to allow something to move where it shouldn’t.  So at no point did viewers get any unauthorized side-boob.

However, there was jiggling.  But that’s what bodies do when they dance.  Especially Latin-inspired dance.  And criticizing that is like complaining that an athletic cup makes a guy look bigger and draws attention “down there.”

The hardest thing to remember was that these two ladies are 43 and 50 years old.  They are mothers with decades-long careers in numerous countries around the world. They stand behind their music, their costume choices, and their message.  So much so, that J-Lo included her own 11-year-old daughter in a short, but starring, role.

Daubenmire claims this offensive show “invaded … [his] home with stuff [he] would never look at if [he] had a choice.”  Because apparently, at no point in that 14-minute-long performance was he allowed to change the channel or turn it off.

I hate when that happens.