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Entertainment news has been full of stories about many of my favourite shows.  Most have found themselves ending their seasons a few episodes early as production shut down on soundstages in Hollywood in March.  Meanwhile, New Amsterdam has to shelve produced shows that were deemed insensitive crisis as they focused on a spreading hospital virus.

So some series are adding a few repeats in order to stretch out the season as much as possible.  Meanwhile, Big Brother finally realized that isolating its players from the real world was ill-advised during a global pandemic and has released its Canadian players from the show.

This trend is unfortunate for many viewers, especially during self-isolation.  Alas, many are now confined inside what likely can only be described as a way, way, WAY-too-small home with their family twenty-four hours a day.  And without new episodes to while away the hours?

Fear not!  The networks always have new series squirrelled away for spring and summer airings that are already starting.

Last week, NBC previewed Council of Dads – a tear-jerker about three guys who step in to be father figures for their friend’s four children after he dies of cancer.  The series doesn’t begin until the end of April, but odds are good that will be moved up.

Meanwhile, ABC is premiering The Baker and the Beauty on April 6.  Based on a popular Israeli drama, the series is about a Cuban American working in his parents’ bakery until one night out, he meets an international superstar.  Sparks fly but can these two polar opposites make it work?  And what are they willing to give up in order to try?

For fans of NCIS’ Abby Sciuto who are still mourning her absence on the drama, Pauley Perrette returns to television – this time, with a comedy.  Broke airs on Thursday nights with Perrette as a single blue-collar mom whose estranged sister shows up on her front door with a husband and his man-servant in toe.  Apparently, the once-wealthy couple have run out of cash and are looking at a rather harsh reality in their new digs.

The comedy looks like fun.  And fans of Jane the Virgin will also recognize the brother-in-law as Jaime Camil who played quirky, yet loveable lug, Rogelio De La Vega on that CW hit series.

Some returning favourites that didn’t make the fall cut are also filling the network schedule this spring.  Man With a Plan is back with its fourth season starting April second.  And MacGyver also just returned to the Friday night line-up.  So viewers are likely to get a pretty full season from the man who can make just about anything out of paperclips and chewing gum.

Meanwhile, The Good Fight is back swinging in Season 4 starting April 9, while producers of Killing Eve moved up their Season 3 premiere to April 12.

So it looks like the networks are going to manage the schedule for a few weeks.  Which should us from eating our young until at least June.