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Ashley Comuzzi - Ashley Comuzzi, Host Front Row Centre & Starwatch

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ashley graduated from the Broadcasting program at Confederation College.  She believes that television is an influential part of people’s daily lives and wanted to be a part of the industry from the very start.

Refusing to wait for a diploma, Ashley took a job as a production assistant at TBT while still in college in 2007.  She then became an integral part of developing and running the station’s closed-captioning system for the hearing impaired.

But becoming the host of Starwatch and Front Row Centre has been a new kind of thrill.  “I love promoting great local events and festivities in Thunder Bay.”  And who doesn’t like to be first with the newest information on celebrities?

When not at the station, Ashley lives with a menagerie of roommates including two dogs and a snake.  “My pets are my life.  They come everywhere with me.”

A true N.W.O. girl, Ashley loves camping, fishing, ice fishing, hiking and reading.  However, when she’s at home, she busy cooking and baking.

And while you may not realize it on television, Ashley is only 4’11”tall.  But don’t let her size fool you.  Her favourite movie is “Fight Club.”  And while she doesn’t dance, you can often find her in the middle of even the roughest mosh pit.

You can catch Ashley throughout the week with all your celebrity news on Starwatch and with local events on Front Row Centre.

Favorite quote:
"Any fool can criticize, condemn, or complain – most fools do.  But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving." –  Dale Carnegie

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