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Barry Third - Barry Third, News anchor, News Director

Born in South Porcupine, Ontario, Barry attended Lakehead University and Canadore College before settling into broadcasting at stations in Barrie, Sudbury and finally, Thunder Bay. Why broadcasting? According to Barry, 'it beats actually working for a living.'

Nobody’s quite sure exactly how long Barry’s been at Thunder Bay Television. He’ll admit to 'more than 10, less than 50'. And during that time he’s enjoyed meeting very interesting people. In 2005, he barely missed a beat moving into the role of News Director.

Barry has always been active in the community, serving with several local groups and organizations over the years. And while time is always tight for this family man, he unwinds at home by refurnishing furniture and cheering on his favourite Chicago Blackhawks – the team of destiny.

You can watch Barry weeknights during the TBT News Hour.

Favourite quote:
'If you're not annoying someone, you're not really alive.' - Margaret Atwood

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