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Adam Riley - Adam Riley, Reporter

Truly a man of two worlds, Adam Riley was born in the South (Scarborough) and raised in the North (Dryden). He is a modern day jack of all trades … by accident.  After graduating from high school to study Theatre, Adam decided to return to Dryden to study in the field of Personal Support Worker.  Instead, he temporarily settled into the mining industry until the price of gold dropped and then it was off to college once more, this time to study Broadcasting at Confederation College (like many of the newsroom greats.)  After graduating and earning an internship at Thunder Bay Television, Adam fully joined the TBT News team in 2016.

He has settled in quite nicely.  However, Adam is one of the few reporters in the newsroom who is not infatuated with sports.  He prefers shows like The Flash and Agents of Shield.

Adam’s not the only unusual member of his family.  His brother is Swiss. According to Adam, “Long story short: he came to stay with my family for a year, I taught him how to drive.”  Enough said.

You can catch Adam's reports during the TBT Newshour, and during his travels throughout the region for Northwest Newsweek.

Favourite Quote:
Kirk: Mr. Scott have you always multiplied your repair estimates by a factor of four?
Scotty: Certainly sir.  How else can I keep my reputation as a miracle worker?


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