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Alana Pickrell - Reporter

Alana has had a lifetime of moves through different cities but considers herself the quintessential “homebody.”  Having graduated with a BA in English and a diploma in Journalism from Trent University and Loyalist College, Alana was surprised to find herself in front of the camera.

“Originally I planned to stay behind the scenes or produce web articles. But I had a teacher who pushed me to focus on TV every single week during my last year of college.” After that same teacher got her a position with a local station doing live hits for a Junior A hockey team, the Santa Claus parade and other sporting events, she was hooked.  She won John Pettigrew Prizes, the Loyalist College Broadcast Advisory Award and the Belleville Intelligencer Award.

Despite her numerous moves in the past, the one to Thunder Bay took a little convincing.  But not for the reason you might think.  She had to find a way to bring her horse.  Yes, HORSE.

“So instead of just buying a plane ticket, I drove for two days with a truck and trailer so that I didn't have to give up that part of my life when I moved. Everyone at the office is still waiting for the day I ride my horse (Cedar) to work instead of driving my car.”

Alana and her beloved horse live on a farm in Murillo that is also home to 3 dogs, 6 cats, a mini donkey and 9 other horses.  So she couldn’t be happier.

You can catch Alana reporting throughout the city on the TBT News.


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