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Cory Nordstrom - Reporter

Raised in the bustling metropolis of Burriss, Ontario (about 20km Northwest of Fort Frances) Cory is proud to work for his version of a hometown TV station. He decided at a young age that his passion for sport would one day yield a future career, and paired with his inability to keep his mouth shut throughout gradeschool, a career in broadcasting seemed like the perfect fit. Cory enrolled in TV Broadcasting here in the city, earning the Gerry Isherwood Award for On-Air Excellence. Following graduation in 2017 he worked with Tri-Lite TV for the U-18 World Cup of Baseball before landing a job that year with TBT News.

In his spare time he enjoys watching just about any sport available, going on trips with his beautiful girlfriend Samantha, and desperately hoping his Toronto Maple Leafs will win a playoff series.

Favourite Quote:
"I would've made the show if it weren't for that cold back in Grade 9... or my complete lack of athletic ability"

You can catch Cory covering both news and sports during the TBT News.

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