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Tyler Kelaher - News/Sports Reporter, Weather Anchor

It was a long and winding road to TBT News for Tyler.  Our Toronto-born weather anchor and news/sports reporter actually lived in Florida for 7 years.  He started out attending Florida Gulf Coast University and then Ontario Tech for Finance before graduating from the College of Sports Media.

Ironically, Tyler’s application to broadcasting school was purely “by accident.”  Fortunately, it was a good accident and his two years at the CSM were the most fun time of his life.  There, he gained immeasurable hands-on experience in TV, radio, video and audio editing, writing, and production on a day-to-day basis from the absolute best in the industry (Jim Van Horne, Evanka Osmak, John Shannon, Roger Lajoie, Hugh Burrill etc.).  “I always believed the industry could offer new opportunities, challenges and experiences that I couldn't otherwise enjoy in a different field.”

When not covering the weather, sports or local news, Tyler stays active golfing as much as possible.  However, truth be told, he says “summer patios and Muskoka lounging are definitely [his] kryptonite.”

He’s also a podcast freak, having co-hosted several over the past few years.  So if you see him out running errands and wearing headphones, he’s not rockin’ out.  He’s listening to a podcast.

Tyler’s also a fan of the classics – TV shows that is.  So don’t be surprised that he can recite any episode of Friends.  Or that you might catch of couple of Seinfeld jokes during his weather report.

You’ll see Tyler throughout the week both at the anchor desk and out in the field for TBT News.


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