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Ryan Bonazzo - Ryan Bonazzo, News and Sports Reporter

Ryan Bonazzo is truly a hometown boy.  Born in Thunder Bay, he took a long route back to N.W.O. after a stint out west.  Why television?  “My career as a fortune teller didn’t work out.  I probably should have seen it coming …”
His move to TBT Television was in the cards, however.  He received the Dougall Media Quest for Excellence Award in college.  He topped that by winning the TBT Fantasy Football League in the newsroom and the hearts of millions in the community.
But seriously, Ryan has an adorable daughter and a beautiful wife, two dogs – a Maltese named Tuula and a 4 lb. Chorkie named Hercules – and a lot of energy to keep up with them all.  In his rare spare hours, he enjoys writing, playing music, and football. 
His love of sports is evident during his reports and in his rabid fixation on the Washington Redskins.  So of course, he fits in well with our sports-obsessed newsroom. 
You can catch Ryan weeknight during the TBT News Hour and with all the sports stories during the Weekend Edition.
Favourite quote:
Being a Leafs fan is great for my blood pressure... I never get too excited
Randy Scheffee

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