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Reel Memories Of The Lakehead

In partnership with Shebafilms Ltd., and the Friends of the Finnish Labour Temple, "Reel Memories of the Lakehead" is a 3-part tour of our past. This involved digitizing hundreds of 16mm news reels, which were originally donated to the Thunder Bay Museum by Fraser Dougall of Dougall Media and span from approximately 1958-1978, as well as researching and cataloguing them to allow those interested to find footage of memorable events. Two museum interns, Dr. Tom Peotto and Katie Green, also worked on this project. Now, CKPR Thunder Bay is proud to present some of these news reels over three nights to give our viewers a taste of what this hard-working team has uncovered.
Thursday September 29 th @ 6:00 PM - Episode 2 (HS0435)
Friday September 30 th @ 6:00 PM - Episode 3 (HS0436)
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