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Big Brother

Big Brother is back for its 24th season of 24/7 coverage! Every week, the houseguests will face extreme challenges, close-quarters conspiring and game-shaking powers as they avoid being nominated and subsequently evicted from the house. Not only will there be competitions that fans have never seen before in the series’ 21-year history but eviction nights are also changing. The theme of this season is festivals. There will be a Comedy Fest, a Renaissance Fest, a Music Fest and a Zing Fest. In the end, this year's winner will take home $750,000.
Sunday August 14 th @ 8:00 PM - Episode # 2417
Wednesday August 17 th @ 8:00 PM - Episode # 2418
Thursday August 18 th @ 9:00 PM - Episode # 2419
Sunday August 21 st @ 8:00 PM - Episode # 2420
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