Big Brother

What do a government engineer, dance teacher, microbiologist and rodeo clown all have in common? They'll all be fighting for half a million dollars on season 19 of Big Brother. Well, hopefully they'll fight and not float their way to the end. For the newest season of the CBS reality series, 16 brand new houseguests have been cast to play the game. Among them is Christmas Abbott, 35, who cites season 15's Helen Kim as one of her favorite players. Matthew Clines, 33, is a big fan of season 16's America's Favorite Houseguest winner Donny Thompson. Jillian Parker, 24, favors "bad bitch" Daniele Donato from seasons eight and 13. And Cody Nickson, 32, and Josh Martinez, 23, may be causing some havoc this summer as they both reveal the former player they like the most is none other than Big Brother legend and season eight winner Evel Dick Donato. Also noteworthy of this season's fresh new faces is that unlike last season and other seasons before it this cast is a bit older. There are five players in their 30s and one stay-at-home dad from Boston who is 55.
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