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Income Property

Real Estate Investor and Contractor, Scott McGillivray, leads buyers through the renovation of their first income property. Scott partners with homeowners to make their financial dreams a reality. He guides them through building the suite, and banking the rental cheques. Income Property reveals Scott McGillivray as a triple threat expert in real estate, renovation, and finance. Every episode delivers an incredible reveal and a financial transformation that feels like a lottery win.
Saturday January 23 rd @ 7:00 AM - ep 1012 (Brad & Nikki)
Sunday January 24 th @ 8:30 AM - ep 4051 (HS-1522) Rachel & Steve
Saturday January 30 th @ 7:00 AM - ep 1013 (Steve)
Sunday January 31 st @ 8:30 AM - ep 4052 (HS-1521) Brendan
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