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Houdini and Doyle

At the turn of the 20th century the Metropolitan Police were overwhelmed with bizarre cases so they turned to outsiders including Houdini and Doyle, who collaborated with New Scotland Yard on some unsolved and inexplicable crimes. Harry Houdini is a skeptic who doesn't believe anything unless he can see it himself. Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle is a believer who wants to prove that the supernatural is real. Inspired by true events, HOUDINI & DOYLE draws heavily on the rich history of the period. Starring Michael Weston as Harry Houdini and Stephen Mangan.
Saturday November 28 th @ 1:30 PM - ep 1007 (Bedlam)
Two people die in the throes of what appears to be demonic possession. Both of them were recent residents of Bedlam, the infamous insane asylum... where Arthur's father was committed.
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