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The Neighborhood

When Dave Johnson and his family arrive from Michigan, they're unfazed that their new dream home is located in a community quite different from their previous small town. However, their opinionated next-door neighbor Calvin Butler is wary of the newcomers, certain that they'll disrupt the culture on the block. Dave realizes that fitting in with the new community is more complex than he had expected, but if he can find a way to connect with Calvin, there's an excellent chance of making the new neighborhood a great place to live.
Tuesday November 29 th @ 8:00 PM - Welcome to the Treehouse
Concerned about the safety of a treehouse Calvin's building for Grover, Dave recruits Marty to supervise covertly. An innocent mistake on Malcolm's part leads to a heated bake-off between Tina and Gemma.
Thursday December 1 st @ 8:00 PM - Welcome to What Used to be the Neighborhood
When Calvin's favourite restaurant closes and is replaced by a flashy pet spa, he worries the community is losing too many small businesses and starts a campaign to only buy local; Tina helps Necie prepare a special surprise for Marty.
Thursday December 8 th @ 8:00 PM - Welcome to Our Time
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