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Crime Beat

Looking into some of Canada's most infamous criminal cases with extensive archives and intimate interviews and exploring the lasting impacts on the community and justice system.
Friday March 31 st @ 10:00 PM - ep 417 (The Search for Theresa Allore's Killer)
Theresa, 19, disappeared outside her dorm room in Compton, Quebec, several kilometres from her school at Champlain College in early November 1978. Her body was found the next year. For almost two decades, her brother, analyst John Allore, has probed unsolved murders in his ultimate quest to uncover the fate of his sister.
Friday April 7 th @ 10:00 PM - ep 203 (Final Chapter of C Jessop/P Morin Tragedy)
It was October 1984 in a small town outside Toronto, when a young girl went missing. Almost 3 months later, Christine Jessop's body was found. Numerous trials resulted first in an acquittal, then a conviction to an eventual wrongful conviction dismissal. But years later - a major breakthrough using the science of genetic genealogy. Do police finally have the right killer?
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