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Small Fortune

In each heart-pounding episode, teams of three from various backgrounds, including first responders and Olympians from around the country, work together to earn a shot at competing for the $250,000 cash prize in the "Big Little Heist" finale game. To get there, each team must prove their skills on miniature playing fields from a shrunken sushi conveyor belt with tiny chopsticks ("Teeny Sashimi") to a mini Ellis Island ("Statue of Liberteeny"). Challenges will require considerable dexterity and intense focus because with games this small, there's no room for error as the slightest miscalculation or tremble may result in losing tens of thousands of dollars.
Monday June 14 th @ 10:00 PM - Team USA
Gold medal-winning Team USA Softball champions Amanda, Lovie and Leah bring their competitive spirit to the tiny games, including French Roll, Toadally Hammered, One Small Step and the Big Little Heist.
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