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Masters of Flip

Canadian-born Dave and Kortney Wilson met in Nashville, Tennessee, and a few years later they were making a family and music together, dropping their solo careers to perform as the Wilsons. Ever creative, Dave and Kortney have since packed the microphones and left the studio to take advantage of the Music City's burgeoning housing market. `Masters of Flip' tells of the couple's adventures through the messes and stresses of renovations and the anticipation of enormous profits. Tireless contractor Dave and award-winning realtor Kortney have built their real estate business through flips, buy and hold properties, and vacation rentals.
Sunday April 2 nd @ 1:02 AM - ep 2-23 (The Suite Life)
Kortney and Dave flip a house that needs a large addition in order to appeal to the buyer's market. Kortney entices Dave with a creative design plan for a spectacular downstairs master suite.
Sunday April 2 nd @ 2:00 PM - ep 2-13 (Miniature Margins)
Kortney & Dave take on a tiny flip that has big potential. While Kortney deals with the design challenge of working with an extremely small space, Dave stresses the importance of budget to his team- including his wife.
Sunday April 9 th @ 1:02 AM - ep 2-24 (Pretty in Profit)
Kortney and Dave flip a rundown property with surprising profit potential in a prime location. With a large bump out and an urban chic design plan, will they win the hearts of prospective buyers?
Sunday April 9 th @ 2:00 PM - ep 2-14 (Training Day)
Kortney & Dave's latest flip serves as the training ground for their newest team member, Kevin - who also happens to be Kortney's little brother. Will he be able to rise to the occasion and impress his new bosses without disrupting the family ties?
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