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Masters of Flip

Canadian-born Dave and Kortney Wilson met in Nashville, Tennessee, and a few years later they were making a family and music together, dropping their solo careers to perform as the Wilsons. Ever creative, Dave and Kortney have since packed the microphones and left the studio to take advantage of the Music City's burgeoning housing market. `Masters of Flip' tells of the couple's adventures through the messes and stresses of renovations and the anticipation of enormous profits. Tireless contractor Dave and award-winning realtor Kortney have built their real estate business through flips, buy and hold properties, and vacation rentals.
Sunday August 14 th @ 1:00 PM - ep 1-4 (Nowhere but Up)
Kortney and Dave flip a house that needs a serious boost in square footage. In addition to extending the ceiling height of the whole main floor, Kortney and Dave plan to extend the roofline up and over the back of the house - creating a full second story.
Sunday August 21 st @ 1:00 PM - ep 1-5 (Deer Kortney)
Kortney and Dave flip a duplex into a large gorgeous Victorian style home. While Dave focuses on making sure their plans are approved by the Historical Commission, Kortney debates her design plan on this massive, fully gutted house.
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