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Salvage Kings

The demolition and salvage team at Priestly Demolition Inc. is in the business of tearing down buildings, but first, they give their salvage crew the chance to go inside and recover historic treasures left behind.
Saturday February 4 th @ 10:00 PM - ep 1004 (Mall Rats)
Ted and Justin travel to Market Village Mall in Markham, Ontario, where they are tasked with carefully unlocking mysterious vault doors while the demolition team begins tear down.
Saturday February 11 th @ 10:00 PM - ep 1005 (Cold War Secrets)
At the site of the former Yugoslavian Consulate, Ted hopes to salvage invaluable secret relics of the Cold War; back at the National, a buyer shows interest in a vintage WW II truck but Ted has to convince him the price is right.
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