Top Chef Canada

For Season 10 of Top Chef Canada, the chef contestants are bringing it their all. Going bolder, brighter and turning up the heat, “X” marks the spot this year to help celebrate the show’s 10th season. This year, returning judges Mark McEwan, Mijune Pak, Chris Nuttall-Smith and Janet Zuccarini, along with host-with-the-most Eden Grinshpan will be joined by new judge (and culinary superstar) David Zilber, to help decide the fate of the competing chefs.
Saturday February 24 th @ 10:00 PM - ep 1004 (Soccer Fever)
The Chefs get creative in the Top Chef Canada Kitchen during a very colourful Quickfire Challenge. Later, Soccer Fever is in the air as the competitors put their barbecue skills to the test and host a cookout for the next generation of soccer superstars.
Saturday March 2 nd @ 10:00 PM - ep 1005 (Vegan Feast)
In the quickfire challenge, the chefs are tasked with making as many dishes as possible in 30 minutes; in the elimination challenge, the competitors must push the boundaries of plant-based cuisine and impress the judges at a vegan feast.
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