Crime Beat: Most Wanted

Crime Beat Most Wanted is a new spinoff series from Global’s successful true crime documentary series Crime Beat, now entering its fifth season. Hosted by Global News anchor Tracy Tong, Crime Beat Most Wanted tracks Canada’s most wanted criminals and the detectives dedicated to bringing them to justice. Using extensive archives and intimate interviews, Most Wanted explores the crime and its impact on the victims, their families and the community. Each episode will also highlight how the public can help the authorities in their efforts to capture the suspects-at-large.
Friday July 19 th @ 10:00 PM - ep 201 (The Hunt for Michael Bebee)
Friday July 19 th @ 10:30 PM - ep 101 (Cristian Cumux)
Thanksgiving Sunday in Toronto turns deadly after shots ring out in an indoor soccer arena leaving a referee dead and two players injured. Join us as we learn more about the referee and loving father Edwin Farley Alvarado Quintero, who died doing what he loved, and the nineteen-year-old who allegedly shot him.
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