Trading Up with Mandy Rennehan

Trading Up with Mandy Rennehan follows Blue Collar CEO™ and multi-million dollar designer and construction mogul Mandy Rennehan, as she cranks the residential resale reno business up a notch with three stellar property overhauls in her beloved hometown of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. A proud and respectfully uncensored member of the trades since her teens, Mandy went from firing up power tools to landing a coveted spot amongst Canada's Top CEO's and most Powerful Women list. Now, Mandy's putting her money where her heart is and her latest residential real estate projects are not only investments, they're an opportunity to bring some very deserving apprentices along for the ride as she mentors them and prepares them for successful careers in the business of the trades. No ant infestation, collapsing foundation or water infiltration will stand in Mandy's way as she transforms these neglected historic properties into gorgeous desirable homes, inspiring and teaching everyone along the way. There are many bumps (and a few pot holes) in the road on this journey but heart and humour always prevail!
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